Lighting controls for undercover car park entries
Smart controls for carpark entrances


enLighten has developed a proprietary smart control lighting system that communicates via RF waves with a bank of luminaires and automatically adjusts the lighting levels to achieve those specified in the building code for both daytime (800 lux) and night time (160 lux) operation. Innovation is in the company's DNA and displayed through using the twilight sensor that can discern the difference between a car’s headlights at night and daylight conditions.

enLighten's Tauro Eco high/low bay luminaire is the ideal choice for an undercover carpark entrance. Its slim profile suits many low entrances and its inbuilt RF wireless control connects automatically to the control box. This RF control means you do not require a separate hard-wired control system, making it quick and easy to install.


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  • A cost effective retrofit solution
  • No more additional lights needed for daylight hours
  • Wireless controls- no additional circuit wiring required
  • Reduced clutter on car park entrance ceilings
  • Automatic dimming to achieve Australian Standards 1680 & Building Code compliance
  • Simple commissioning & operation - set & forget

System Components

  • Control Box with Xbee module and twilight sensor – mounted on L shaped bracket
  • Individual Radio Frequency (RF) receiver modules fitted into luminaires

The lighting controls device will work with all models of the Tauro Eco luminaire.