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Purchase any lighting solution from the enLighten range at your local wholesaler in NSW, ACT & QLD


* Every purchase over $600 ex GST of enLighten lights from your local wholesaler in NSW, ACT & QLD is eligible to enter the Tradies Reward Program. These points accumulate and when you reach 5000 points or more you will be eligible to receive your rewards gift card.

The value of the card is calculated on 5% of the value of your spend.

Cards will be issued before Christmas 2020 and distributed by your local sales rep where possible or via registered post.

Offer valid from 1 Oct - 11 Dec 2020.


Or email your receipts to

The enLighten range

          Chamaeleon III                                  Vico                                                Chamaeleon Deco                                       Zorro                                                     SuperNova

       Zorro Unplugged                                                                 Kascade                                                            Tauro Black                                                    Skyline

                     Noctua                                                             Chamaeleon Eco

Terms and Conditions of Entry
Information on how to enter, dates and rewards set out in this document form part of the Terms & Conditions of Entry.
By entering this promotion, you agree to these Terms & Conditions of entry. By entering this promotion, I give permission to enLighten to contact me in the future by email.

This Promotion
1. The promoter is enLighten Australia Pty Ltd, 8/78 Reserve Road, Artarmon, NSW 2064 Australia. The Promotion period is from 7.30am AEST on 1 Oct until 6pm AEST on 11 Dec 2020.
3.  Every purchase over $600 of enLighten product excluding GST bought from a wholesaler in NSW, ACT and QLD is eligible to join the reward program.
Your invoice from your local wholesaler must be uploaded on the rewards page to enter. All compulsory fields must be completed to enter, such as first & last name, email, phone number, company, State and upload of receipt.
4. $1 is equal to 1 point, after 5000 points or more have been accumulated, the contractor will be eligible to receive a gift card worth 5% of the value of the purchase.
5. No return of goods is possible after the acceptance of the reward card.
6. Wholesale orders in NSW, ACT & QLD that are  placed after 1 Oct and before 11 December will be eligible for a reward card before Christmas. Where an official wholesale order is placed before the 11 December, but the invoice has not been uploaded, these orders are still eligible for the reward program.  The reward card will be issued 3 weeks after the upload of invoice.
7. Normal Terms of Trade will apply.

Eligibility to enter
1. Entry is only open to customers who meet the following criteria:
a) if an individual, the customer is over 18 years of age; and
b) the customer has purchased the enLighten lights at a wholesaler in NSW, ACT or QLD
2. If there is a dispute as to the identity of an eligible entrant, enLighten reserves the right, in its sole discretion to make enquires of the customer and determine the identity.
3. By written notice to enLighten, eligible entrants may request to opt out of the promotion.

enLighten reward gift card
1. Subject to the reward conditions, the eligible entrant will receive a gift card before 24 December 2020 and it will be distributed by a sales rep or via registered post.