Tauro Eco
High/Low Bay luminaire

Discover the next Gen in high/low bay lighting, it has been engineered to perform with precise optical control. Tauro Eco gives you light when and where you need it.

With unmatched product versatility and three models specifically designed to suit the retail industry, warehouses/factories and for car park entrances. Fitted with an integrated microwave motion and daylight harvesting sensor you are able to achieve up to 94% daily lighting ENERGY REDUCTIONS. 

enLighten has developed a proprietary smart control lighting system with an integrated wireless control system specially designed for car park entrances . It communicates via RF waves with a bank of Tauro Eco luminaires and automatically adjusts the lighting levels to achieve those specified in the building code for both daytime (800 lux) and night time (160 lux) operations. Innovation is in our DNA and this can be seen in our twilight sensor which can discern the difference between a car’s headlights at night and daylight conditions.

It is easy to install and maintain. 

Smart Controls


Car parks, Loading Dock, Store room, Warehousing, Manufacturing

High/Low bay Comparison Rebate
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  • Precise optical control 60° (Narrow beam), 90° (Medium beam) & 110° (Wide beam) for flexible light delivery
  • Unmatched versatility:
    - Standard or optional with dimmable feature
    - Superior: with integrated microwave motion and daylight harvesting sensor and remote control
    - Smart: with integrated wireless control system for car park entrances
  • Superior protection from physical impact -IK10 
  • High performance LEDs & driver
  • Generous integrated heat sink to maximise LED performance
  • Eye bolts and 3m flex & plug included
  • Mounting bracket optional accessory       


  • Standard range is IPART, VEET & REES approved for rebates in NSW, VIC & SA
  • Up to 60% energy savings when replacing traditional HID lighting
  • Easily scaleable to match lighting need
  • Extensive operating life over 140,000 hours
  • Engineered to withstand the harsh Australian conditions up to 70°C
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • 7 year warranty

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