Emergency Lighting Range

Our award winning & Australian designed emergency stand alone LED luminaires deliver reliable non maintained emergency lighting delivers energy savings of up to 93% compared with traditional fluorescent lighting and significant maintenance costs.

Are you looking for a government rebate for your energy efficient LED emergency lighting upgrade? If your project scope is the common areas of an apartment building (car park, fire stairs, corridors) or in the retail, hospital, education, industrial or commercial office sectors you may qualify. Find out more on the NSW, Victorian or South Australian rebate schemes.

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Emergency Light Range

Chamaeleon III Chamaeleon Eco Chamaeleon Deco Chamaeleon Eco
Key Features Chamaeleon III Chamaeleon Eco Chamaeleon Deco - Charcoal Black Vico Batten
Rebate Schemes – approved for use in commercial lighting upgrades

  NSW Energy Savings Scheme

  Vic VEET Scheme

  NSW Energy Savings Scheme

 Vic VEET Scheme

  NSW Energy Savings Scheme

  NSW Energy Savings Scheme

 Vic VEET Scheme

Lumiled LUXEON 3020 LEDs
    SMD 3014 Samsung
Microwave Motion Sensor
Monthly Emergency Self Test
Power Consumption
Full light (W)
Up to 43W 25W 23W Up to 42W
Power Consumption
standby light (W)
5W 6W 10W 5-10W
Lumen Output
Full light (lm)
Up to 3500 2500 1800 Up to 5710lm
Warranty - Luminaire
7 years 5 years 5 years 5 years
Warranty - Battery
2 years 1 year 1 year 2 years
Ambient Operating Temperature
0° to +50° 0° to +50° 0° to +50° 0° to +40°
Emergency Classification
D40 D50 D40 16W models:D80/D32
30W & 42W model: D63/D40
IP Rating
IP52 standard
IP65 models available
IP65 IP65 IP65
Smart connect base & quick change battery drawer
Mounting Options
Ceiling / Wall Ceiling Ceiling / Wall Ceiling / Wall
smartsense control options
  Chamaeleon III mobile App
  PE cell integrated
  Smart PE cell integrated
  Remote control
  PE cell integrated
Battery type
9.6V NiMH 2200mAh 7.2V NiCD 1800mAh
7.2V NiCD 1800mAh 6.4V LiFePO4 3000 mAh
Vandal Proof
Optional Vandal Proof Skirt     Vandal Proof Clips available

enLighten Australia overview & Chamaeleon III

Introduction to LED lighting innovation company enLighten Australia and overview of the award winning Chamaeleon III bulkhead LED luminaire for fire stairs, car parks and corridors. Intelligent Australian designed features include smartphone app control, battery self test in emergency versions & smart connect base for easy maintenance.

The Chamaeleon light's maintenance saving features

See how the clever design features of the Chamaeleon light save on maintenance for light removal without cutting the power & battery replacement for emergency versions.

The smart design features of enLighten’s Chamaeleon and Chamaeleon III luminaires enable significant maintenance cost reductions. Find out more about of the top 7 hidden costs of emergency lighting.

Click on image below to see how to save on maintenance
Emergency lighting hidden costs

Top 7 hidden costs of emergency lighting

It's not just the upfront luminaire cost but the ongoing cost of maintenance and testing that should also be considered.

From our experience of supplying & installing over 1,000 lighting upgrade projects across Australia, here's our summary of the key emergency lighting operating cost areas that are sometimes overlooked.

underground car park with sensor lights

More government rebates on offer in NSW for upgrading to lights with sensors

May, 2016. Last month's Energy Savings Scheme's Rule change allows for an increase of up to 3 times the discount factor for lighting controls for commercial lighting upgrades in NSW.

The former cap was 30% , which has now been replaced by a range depending on building class types. 85% discount factors are now accepted for fire stair applications where occupancy sensors are integrated into light fittings. This means more Energy Savings Certificate for projects using lights with sensors including the enLighten Chamaeleon range & the Vico LED Batten.

Lighting upgrade rebate win for Victorians

In a win for Victorian businesses, Government departments, Local Councils and strata properties, a recent amendment now allows for MORE Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) to be generated from LED lighting upgrade projects under the Energy Saver Incentive program.

From January 1, 2016 the eligible operating hours, calculation factors and acceptable areas have expanded, making it is easier to claim more rebates for a wider range of projects.

Chamaeleon III emergency battery self test functionality

To assist users understand the LED indicator options for the automatic self test of the Chamaeleon III, we have outlined the display options and their meaning for both the original commissioning test and the subsequent monthly 90 minute emergency battery discharge tests.

Chamaeleon III wins IES Award of Excellence

The NSW lighting industry came together last week for the NSW Illuminating Engineers Society gala award ceremony held at Sydney's Star City Event Centre to recognise excellence in luminaire design and lighting installations.

enLighten's new Chamaeleon III was among the winners. CEO Steve Cahill accepted an Award of Excellence for the LED luminaire.

Savings: 90%

Iora Apartments, North Sydney
Completed: Nov 2014 - July 2015

Iora Apartments participated in North Sydney Council's My Green Apartment program, which identified retrofit of car park & fire stair lighting as a priority to deliver energy & maintenance savings. The Chamaleon LED lighting upgrade project payback was further strengthened through the generation & sale of Energy Savings Certificates, delivering $8,700 to the Executive Committee under the NSW Government's Energy Savings Scheme.