Cetus - Design Features & Product Range

Design features

  • High performance LumiLeds LUXEON M LEDs  
  • State of the art LED driver technology, developed in Australia by enLighten
  • Generous heat sink promoting air flow for heat management
  • Integrated optical lenses available in 40, 60 & 120 degrees
  • External power pack for heat management
  • External quick connector allowing for extension cabling if required
  • Inclusion of dust cover and steel mounting bar in standard product offering 

Product range

The modular Cetus is available in a standard range of 2 to 6 modules. Customised solutions are available for individual applications.

Standard dimensions for the 2 module unit are 120mm (h) x 300mm (w) x 200mm (l). For 3-6 module units, height & width remain constant, an additional 100mm length is added per module.

Model No. No. Modules Rated Power (nominal) Total Lumens CRI Colour Temp (k)
EN570-AL-90-S  2 90W 8,100 75
EN570-AL-135-S  3 135W 12,150 75
EN570-AL-180-S  4 180W 16,200 75
EN570-AL-225-S  5 225W 20,250 75


270W 24,300 75

Integrated optical lensing

The Cetus range comes with the choice of 40, 60 & 120 degree optical lenses per module, enabling customisation to suit the area of use. Lensing decision factors:

  • Use of area, work plane & ceiling height
  • lux requirements, light spacing

Common 3 module (135w) lensing configurations & use

Configuration Use Classification

Open space with ceiling height up to 7m to give consistent horizontal & vertical plane light

High bay


8m+ warehouse racking to give more even spread of light on vertical plane with reduced glare & shadowing

High bay


Below 5 m ceiling height eg car park entry & low bay applications

Low bay


The Cetus high bay range is suitable for a broad range of applications including:

  • warehousing
  • large retail
  • manufacturing sites

The Cetus low bay range is suitable for

  • loading docks
  • car park entries & driveways
  • smaller retail

Key benefits

  • Energy savings– up to 70% compared to traditional mercury vapour lighting
  • Flexibility – scalable from 2- 6 modules to deliver a range of lumen outputs / 40, 60 or 120 degree optical lenses enabling a customised light delivery footprint 
  • Heat Management– designed for operating environment of up to 60 degrees ambient temperature
  • Long life50,000+ hours reduces maintenance in applications where reliability is critical and access can be difficult

Optional Extras

  • Stainless steel hanging kit
  • Smart controls - enlighten patented radio frequency technology to further reduce energy consumption through occupancy controls and daylight harvesting