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Bushfire Relief Initiative

enLighten Australia and GM Poles have come together to assist the bushfire affected councils in providing an immediate lighting solution for the rebuilding process

Creating a safer community - The Tracker Riley Cycle Way

Lighting the track has been an ongoing project for the former Dubbo City Council. Council had previously installed lighting to portions of the track to encourage safer use of the track aDer dark.

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Tauro Black in the news

It minimises your energy consumption and maximises your energy savings by eliminating waste light and hot spots through the use of custom optics and industry leading efficacy up to 165 lumen per watt.

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enLighten lights up 140 William Street Melbourne

The first ‘total energy concept’ office building in Australia continues to get greener with age. Jones Lang LaSalle recently engaged Harris HMC, commercial electricians specialising in sustainable lighting solutions, to further enhance the energy savings and maintenance costs for the iconic 140 William Street, Melbourne (formerly known as BHP House). {module_literature filter="item" itemId="251044"}

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Lighting Revamp - Reaps Rewards

Asurion was experiencing major lighting issues, the first being that their employees needed quality light to perform the detailed repairs required on the mobile phones they serviced {module_literature filter="item" itemId="251031"}

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National Awards for Excellence in Lighting wows and inspires

The Australian lighting industry has made awards to 11 leading figures at the inaugural National Awards for Excellence in Lighting, a gala event held in Sydney on Tuesday night. Those receiving the awards are as follows {module_literature filter="item" itemId="251035"}

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Circuit Magazine: Learn about the intelligent wireless lighting control system for car park entrances

enLighten is widely regarded as a leader in energy efficient LED lighting, with a range of products regularly delivering energy savings of up to 93 per cent. Its latest wireless car park entry system has been designed to increase safety and maximise savings in and around car park entrances.

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Circuit Magazine Article: Company of the month

enLighten is an Australian ownedLED company formed in 2008. It is a multi-award winner for innovations in LED lighting and integrated controls. enLighten is a leading specialist lighting manufacturer and supplier.

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Circuit Magazine Article

The existing fitting being used were metal halide 400W high bay lights, which consumed 11.032kWh annually. After identifying there was significant natural light available in the space and the loading bay often had inactive periods, intelligent lighting specialist enLighten suggested the fittings should be replaced with its Tauro Eco LED 80W highbays with integrated motion and daylight harvesting sensors.

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Light + Building fair in Frankfurt 18 – 23 March 2018

Light + Building fair in Frankfurt 18 – 23 March 2018 The world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology Walking through ankle-deep snow wasn't what I expected as I made my way to the first day of the Light & Building trade fair in Frankfurt. While Sydney was experiencing unusually hot weather Frankfurt was experiencing unusually cold weather. The weather didn't seem to reduce to crowds however as 250,000 + visitors will attend this giant exhibition complex over 6 days.

Energy Efficiency Leaders Applauded at National Awards

enLighten Australia's Chamaeleon III emergency LED luminaire takes out the Best Energy Efficiency Innovation award at the Australian National Energy Efficiency Industry Awards 2016. Hosted by the Energy Efficiency Council (EEC), the Awards showcased excellence in corporate leadership, individual contribution and energy efficiency innovation and were announced at the National Energy Efficiency Conference 2016 Gala Dinner in Sydney last night.

Multi Level Car Park Lighting Innovation Forum

Photos & summary of the discussion generated by the NSW Illuminating Engineers Society (IES) NSW Chapter May Technical Meeting hosted by enLighten Australia.

Sustainable Savings

Re-thinking your business's energy usage can have a big effect on your bottom line. Overview of power factor correction, LED lighting & air circulation upgrade opportunities for the retail sector.

The practical future of lighting

“What the end game actually is, is to provide lighting as seamlessly as possible,” says Steve Cahill, CEO and co-founder of enLighten Australia, ahead of his presentation at Total Facilities next week.

Fluorescent to LED tube replacement - risks you can't ignore

A simple replacement of fluorescent tubes with LED tubes is one of the lowest cost options for energy efficient lighting retrofits, but it can come with significant performance and safety risks.

Long live the light

Introduction of the Chamaeleon Eco & Chamaeleon Decorative oyster range of standard & emergency luminaires for fire stairs, car parks and corridors. {module_literature filter="item" itemId="211118"}

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The Light Bulb Moment

Be Fearless. Steve Cahill launched a start-up in a market dominated by heavyweights. Intelligent product design was his way in.

The hidden costs of emergency lighting

When it comes to emergency lighting, it’s not just the upfront luminaire cost but the ongoing cost of maintaining and testing that should also be considered. Here is a summary of the key operating cost areas that are sometimes overlooked:

National Energy Efficiency Award for Brisbane's Southbank Apartments

A standard & emergency Chamaeleon LED light retrofit of T8 fluorescent batten lighting in the underground car park & fire stairs of the 93 apartment complex on the Brisbane River contributes to a National Energy Efficiency Project Award win by the Master Electricians Association for electrical contractor Briett Thiedeke.

Bright ideas for warehouses - wireless smart controls from enLighten

Smart controls overcome the two major resistance factors to lighting controls - cost & complexity. The stand alone or non hard wired controls system is run on a wireless network which keeps installation costs to a minimum for industrial LED lighting upgrades.

Why we need the Australian Technologies Competition

ustralian manufacturers are being encouraged to lobby federal government to keep the popular Australian Technologies Competition alive. The successful technology competition, which has assisted over 300 Australian innovation companies, is set to close following the Department of Industry’s withdrawal of funding.

Back of house lighting savings for Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort

85% energy savings, product quality & maintenance ease drive back of house LED lighting upgrade of car park, fire stairs and service corridors for Gold Coast resort.

477 Pitt St Sydney- Raising the stakes for energy efficient facilities

How to move from 2.5 NABERS stars to 5.5? Profile of the extensive energy efficiency upgrades of the ISPT owned 34 storey commercial office building that received recognition from the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage in their 2015 Energy Productivity Awards. Chamaeleon lights featured in the underground car park & fire stairs - delivering 85% energy savings.

enLighten Australia launches wireless lighting controls for industrial lighting areas

SYDNEY-based LED startup enLighten Australia has launched its wireless smartsense controls system for industrial LEDs. The smartsense controls offer intelligent control over industrial and commercial back of house areas, such as undercover car park entrances, plant rooms and warehouses - parts of the market which have been left behind in the race for technological innovation and smart controls uptake.

Wireless smart controls bring new functionality to car parks and warehouses

As the global LED lighting market matures, the commoditisation of luminaire production has delivered dramatic cost savings through high production volumes from overseas manufacturers dominating the lower end of the market. In order to maintain a competitive advantage, Australian lighting companies have had to differentiate from the global “one size fits all” offering by providing additional functionality through intelligent lighting controls or smart design features that reflect an understanding of local conditions. These can include lighting Standards and Australian Building Code compliance for specific areas.

A case study on upgrading to LED lighting

Why upgrade from T5 to LED lighting? An analysis and case study from a Brisbane Shopping Centre

Lighting the way economically

An overview of the energy, maintenance and safety benefits of LED lighting upgrades of hotel & resort car parks, often the first point of contact in the guest experience. Including a project reference of the Marriott Resort & Spa at Surfers Paradise.

How to green your strata building

Interview with Green Strata's Christine Byrne who outlines energy and water efficient upgrade opportunities for common areas of residential strata properties. Chamaeleon LED light customers Hyde Park Towers & Nexus apartments building are among the progressive properties featured

Hotlist Australia & New Zealand 2015

enLighten Australia features among the most exciting Australian & NZ lighting, luminaire and controls companies for 2015 as voted by the editorial team at Lux, an international lighting media group

You're not thinking about car parks but here's why you should

An analysis of car park design, management, lighting and maintenance issues for the hotel & resort sectors. Featuring commentary from enLighten's Tony Arhanic and reference to the Marriott Resort & Spa, Surfers Paradise.

Streetworx win patent battle with Artcraft over T5 patents

Streetlight manufacturer Streetworx has won a patent battle against rival manufacturer Artcraft, stopping Artcraft from continuing to make or sell streetlights that infringe a Streetworx patent. enLighten Australia patent infringement win for the Chamaeleon LED light referenced.

Why it pays to swap T5s to LEDs

Compared to other conventional lighting solutions, T5 is still seen by some as too efficient for the facilities team to justify upgrading to an LED lighting system. But combined with controls, even the leap from T5 fluorescent lighting to LED can yield significant savings.

Radar sensors control the lights in Sydney Harbourside Car Park

enLighten Australia's Chamaeleon LED lights with in-built radar sensors detect moving cars as far as 100m away at the Harbourside Car Park in Sydney's Darling Harbour.

Don't blame us for Australia's climate management problem, lighting industry says

While the Abbott government is busy cutting the carbon tax and backtracking on its law-enshrined climate targets, the lighting industry has pioneered bans on inefficient lamps and cut electricity demand by almost 30 per cent in the process. enLIghten's Steve Cahill joins other lighting & controls business leaders assess what's working in the reduction of CO2 emissions in Australia.

On the brink of a revolution

Chinese imports are setting the pace for the adoption of LEDs in Australia. According to Bryan Douglas, CEO of the Lighting Council of Australia, Australia ranked 7th in the world as a destination for LEDs in 2013, which is extraordinary considering our population. Enlighten Australia's Steve Cahill, Ilumallite's Mark Rutherford and Bryan Douglas reflect on the changing Australian lighting market.

Bright sparks dazzled by savings

Often, all it takes is one resident with a bright idea to sow the seeds for an energy efficiency tune-up in a strata building. This apartment complex used a Smart Blocks grant to make changes and watched their electricity use plummet.

LED Future: new materials, human effects, performance & control

ENLIGHTEN Australia CEO Steve Cahill has reported back from the 4th International LED Professional Symposium, in Bregenz, Austria, noting emerging global trends in LED lighting.

Marine Apartments Port Melbourne Car park LED lighting upgrade

Following the car park lighting retrofit the average annual consumption per dwelling dropped 40 per cent from 2487kWh to 1490 kWh. Energy costs for lighting in car park areas have dropped 85 per cent. According to Executive Committee Representative, James Rodrigo, replacing fluorescent tube lighting with LED lights and sensors in our car park is saving $10,000 in annual electricity and maintenance costs.

Good ideas are still at the heart of working business

Invention, for a small business, is hard. Re-invention is often much easier. Every inventor has the “light-bulb” moment. But when you are inventing a better light-bulb, you clearly have plenty of those moments.

LED lighting upgrade for strata property car park delivers results

Underground car park LED lighting upgrade for Port Philip Apartment complex delivers $8700 in annual cost savings and a 20% improvement in light quality

Compelling energy savings drives back of house lighting upgrade activity in the Australian Hotel Sector

With hotels operating 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, the project payback calculations of LED lighting upgrades of common areas rank at or near the top of cost effective energy reduction measures.

NABERS - its success & benefits for the green building industry

The flow on effects of a trusted system. It appears that the high esteem in which the program is held has also had unintended benefits, as the independent nature of the data is proving useful for other stakeholders. Specifically, manufacturers and service providers are finding that having their products installed in highly rated buildings is a recognised indicator of quality. Steve Cahill, the General Manager of enLighten, discusses how important NABERS has become for property owners, and how they utilise this in their business.

Multi level carpark lighting upgrade "saves" Council

When Parramatta Council commissioned an energy audit, it found that three of its four multilevel car parks were in the council’s top 10 energy-using sites. Council commissioned electrical contractors Argyle Electrical to help eliminate this lighting waste.

Zorro LED Area light range

enLighten Australia has launched the Zorro range of high-performance LED area lights that complement the company’s existing car park lighting and radiofrequency controls solutions.

enLighten Chamaeleon LED light contractor web portal

Via the web portal, on submission of a web form with project details, enLighten Australia will prepare a cost-benefit analysis for contractors outlining the energy savings and project payback of a Chamaeleon light upgrade vs an existing light replacement.

Emergency LED Lighting retrofit Case Study

Emergency LED lighting retrofit delivers 91% energy savings for commercial office building at Sydney's Australian Technology Park. Interview with Manager for Sustainability & Volunteering, Gary Love.

Enlighten launches new web portal for contractors

enLighten Australia has launched the Chamaeleon LED light contractor web portal to help electrical and fire contractors grow their revenues. The portal provides contractors a free valuable sales tool - a tailored retrofit project cost-benefit analysis for their clients with the contractor’s logo on it.

Light up your life with Cetus

How can a 135 watt light produce greater lux levels in the workplace than a 400 watt light? The answer is in the targeted light delivery via integrated optical lenses. The modelling output images tell the story.

High bay lighting retrofits

Enlighten Australia's David Bird provides an observation of what is driving the high bay lighting retrofit market and analyses the business and technical considerations. What are the key design features to look out for & understanding the importance of heat management, smart optics and controls capabilities.
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Enlighten Retrofits NSW Land & Housing property

enLighten Australia was awarded the contract to retrofit LED lighting in NSW Land and Housing Corporation’s property in Eastlakes.

BluGlass wins Australian cleantech competition

Sydney-based technology developer BluGlass on Wednesday was named the winner of the Australian Cleantech award, edging out seven other finalists in the competition.

Enlighten Australia wins Harbourside Car Park lighting upgrade tender

enLighten Australia has recently won a commercial tender to secure its biggest single property installation and supply contract for a Chamaeleon LED light upgrade in the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) owned Harbourside Car Park.

Saving Energy at Intercontinental Hotel Sydney

Intercontinental Hotel Sydney is saving energy through a number of energy saving trials and initiatives. Assistant chief engineer, Matthew Willox, won Facility Management’s enLighten giveaway in the Dec-Jan 13 edition, is running a trial of enLighten’s 10 chip ceiling mount standard Chamaeleon lights in back-of-house service corridors and staff locker room areas. These areas are currently lit by single 36 W fluorescent tube lighting – compared to the Chamaeleon’s average consumption of 9.2 W (based on 70 percent standby usage and 30 percent occupancy).

Accelerating the best

Every year, $500 billion is spent on clean technology worldwide. Unlike many global industries, this sector is bucking the global financial crisis trend and growing at a healthy 15% per annum.

Opportunities & challenges in the LED lighting market

LEDs, or light emitting diodes, have been around for decades but factors such as reduced costs, improved luminous efficacy and faster switching are leading to widespread use of this technology in the commercial, residential and industrial lighting market.

Cleantech Comp- the hunt for the best ideas

the third annual Australian Clean Technology Competition (ACTC) was launched in Sydney on Tuesday night, with more than 150 applicants expected. The competition is seeking the best Australian ideas in the high-tech cleantech sector – be it for pollution control, waste treatment, energy storage, energy efficiency, building materials, transport systems, public utilities and buildings, or clean energy production.

Healthy benefits from lighting retrofits

David Whitfield, CEO of light emitting diode (LED) design and supply company, enLighten Australia, told Lighting magazine the company is willing to share its research into the impacts of lighting on health to any medical group with an interest in undertaking studies in the field.

enLighten competition winner announcement

Facility Management congratulates the winner of its Dec-Jan 2013 competition, who has won a choice of enLighten Australia's high efficiency LED Chamaeleon and Cetus models up to the retail value of $1000, including freight.

From little things ...

A flood of new technology has followed the advent of commercial sustainability ratings like Green Star and NABERS. Over the past decade, innovative efficiency solutions have come to the market and today are widely accepted.

Retrofit realises rebates

The Abode Apartments complex is located in the commercial hub of St Leonards on Sydney's North Shore. The development was completed in 2004 and is home to around 600 residents. With accommodation spanning two towers - the 18-storey West Tower and 10-storey East tower - the premium development includes190 apartments, secure underground parking, a gym, a swimming pool and a spa/wellness centre.

Sky News Business - Tech Report

Interview with Australian Cleantech Advocate, Dr Marc Newson, on the 2012 Global Cleantech Forum in the US, enLighten Australia's innovation as national Cleantech Open winner, Cleantech industry development in Australia.

Lighting Technologies - LED Lighting & Energy Savings

Article by enLighten Australia General Manager Steve Cahill on opportunities for LED lighting energy savings. (scroll to pp 32-33)

Start-up lessons from the US Cleantech Open Global Forum

The director of Sydney clean tech start-up enLighten has outlined some key tips for companies doing business in the United States, after attending the Cleantech Open Global Forum. enLighten, led by director Tony Fehon, designs and supplies energy-efficient LED lighting for commercial and residential buildings. It was launched in 2008. Earlier this year, enLighten won the 2012 Australian Clean Technologies Competition.

LED is a $100 billion opportunity says Aussie company enLighten

David Whitfield, co-founder and chief executive officer of Sydney-based LED lighting supplier enLighten, which targets the growing building retrofit market, has a problem with the company's growth. Moneywise, or in "pure dollar terms" Whitfield says he is "pretty comfortable", but he says enLighten has grown too fast – talking figures of between 500 per cent and 650 per cent growth year on year.

Another LED star from enLighten

Sydney based lighting innovation company enLighten Australia will release a new high and low bay luminaire range of high performing lights before the end of this year. Named after a northern sky constellation, the Cetus offers optimum energy performance for a broad range of applications including warehousing, large retail and manufacturing sites. Cetus is also suitable for use in outdoor applications.

Bright idea LED to awards win

The drive for energy-efficiency remains a huge commercial opportunity. Market leader Gerard Lighting this year sold its business for $186 million - but Sydney-based enLighten Australia says this proves the market's capacity while leaving room for small business innovation.

LED lighting company wins Clean Tech competition

enLighten Australia, a LED lighting design solutions company, has won the 2012 Australian Clean Technologies competition. enLighten Australia designs and supplies LED lighting for commercial, industrial and residential strata applications.

Sydney start-up enLighten wins 2012 clean tech crown

Sydney start-up enLighten is to take part in a global innovation showcase in the US after winning the 2012 Australian Clean Technologies Competition.

Sydney LED lighting firm wins Australian cleantech award

Enlighten, an Australian manufacturer and distributor of energy efficient lighting products based around LED technologies, has been named the winner of Australia's "Cleantech Open" – a competition to find the most promising local clean-tech technology.

A grade commercial tower retrofit case study

ISPT, one of Australia's largest unlisted property funds achieves a 1/4 star NABERS rating improvement & ROI of 1.5 years following the Chamaeleon light retrofit of fires stairs and underground car park at 477 Pitt St, Sydney.

WME 1209 Enlighten Case Study (222.3KB)

Local LED innovator expands

Sydney based LED lighting solutions company enLighten Australia has expanded its business to Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

LEDs and Energy Efficiency: An Interview with David Whitfield

David Whitfield, discusses the environmental benefits of LEDs and how Australia could be doing more to promote clean technology. Interview conducted by Gary Thomas. AZo is an online news service offering the A to Z of Cleantech.

enLighten shines brightly, and softly

enLighten Australia has anounced the latest in a series of Australian designed LED lights, another step in the evolution of low energy lighting.

enLighten Velorum LED troffer

The Velorum range of LED troffers is designed to replace existing fluorescent lighting in grid ceiling applications. Available in a range of standard and non-standard sizes, the troffers can deliver energy savings of up to 70%.

Green Globe Awards in NSW highlight leadership and innovation

enLighten won both the Energy Award (Energy, Water and Waste Excellence Awards category) for its collective contribution to date in commercial energy savings as well as the Environmental Innovation Award (Excellence in Leadership and Innovation category) for the recently launched multifunction LED light - the Chamaeleon - which is said to be capable of delivering 93% energy savings.

Public buildings save on lights with Chamaeleon

Rising energy costs, have provided practical reinforcement for an innovative Australian lighting approach.

Aussie LED technology cutting local power use

ENLIGHTEN Australia has announced the "Chamaeleon" multi-function LED light which can save up to 93 percent on energy costs.

Multi function light claimed to save up to 93 per cent energy

A new version of a light emitting diode lighting is being installed in a number of public buildings with claims of 93 per cent energy savings. David Whitfield. CEO of enLighten Australia Pty Ltd said the Chamaeleon range of LED multi function lights were suited to areas that needed to be continuously left on, such as fire stairs, car parks and back of house areas.

Council sees the light with LEDs

Retrofitting of government buildings with high efficiency LED lighting is attracting increasing interest among government agencies and local councils looking for quick and practical ways of enhancing their green environmental credentials.

Gosford City lights up

Gosford Council's energy savings crusade has been lit up by LEDs. It's now looking for the next opportunity to save energy and bucks. Lighting consumes about 19 per cent of global electricity, perhaps best depicted by that satellite image of the world at night, dotted with glowing cities and laced with streamers of light. Lighting is also the most visible sign of the carbon profile of the built environment. No surprise therefore that it has changed out of sight in the last few years.

Bright start for LED

Early LED lighting products had a safety problem. Now a company has solved it and patented the results.

LED the way to greener, cheaper lighting

A former submariner and his business partners aim to carve out a niche by replacing energy-consuming fluorescent tubes with greener LEDs.