Zorro area light lensing options expanded

Released: 27 August, 2014

The Zorro area light now has an expanded choice of integrated lensing options, which allow for greater flexibility in light distribution.

According to enLighten's R& D Manager, Surya Bedi, the benefits for outdoor car park & pathway applications of the new lensing is the ability to match the lensing to suit the existing pole or arm infrastructure, to deliver a compliant lighting solution according to AS 1158.

As a retrofit solution, this will help to keep the project costs down, by not requiring new poles or attachments.

 "The universal mounting design feature & ability to slip onto round, square or hexagonal poles has also been well received by customers." added Surya.

The illustrations on the left illustrate the light output of the new lensing options and show the capacity to vary light throw to light  one to four car spaces.

The team at enLighten Australia are ready to assist with lighting design if required or to assist in specification queries. Our design projects include an industrial site's perimeter lighting, a shopping centre outdoor carpark & entrance ramp and an outdoor carpark for an RSL club on Queensland's Gold Coast.

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To view the IES files of the new lensing, login to our secure downloads for lighting designers web section HERE

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