World Energy Council global energy efficiency policy report released

Released: 21 October, 2013

Released on 16 October 2013 at the World Energy Congress in Daegu, South Korea,  the energy-efficiency report recommends nine core policy proposals that will help to embed efficiency within the future development agenda:

  1. Energy prices should reflect real costs of supply and thus ensure consumers get the right price signals;
  2. Consumers need information to be able to make informed decisions;
  3. Smart billing represents a significant potential of energy savings;
  4. Innovative financing tools are needed to support investments by consumers;
  5. The quality of energy-efficient equipment and services should be verified;
  6. Regulations should be properly enforced and regularly strengthened;
  7. Consumer behaviour should be examined and addressed, especially in terms of growing reliance on Information & Communications Technologies (ICTs);
  8. It is necessary to monitor the trends in energy efficiency to be able to evaluate the real impact of energy-efficiency policies; and
  9. International and regional cooperation in support of energy efficiency should be enhanced.

About the report:

The report, ‘World Energy Perspective: Energy Efficiency Policies’, is produced in collaboration between the World Energy Council and France’s energy and environment agency, ADEME.

François Moisan, Executive Director of ADEME and Chair of the report, said:

“Our latest study shows the increased extent that most governments are concerned about energy efficiency. About 80% of the countries surveyed have quantitative efficiency targets, while six years ago only 40% had such targets. Labels and standards for energy efficiency appliances are implemented in all OECD countries and in 90% of Asian countries. Regulations on energy-consuming equipment and buildings remain the most common measures deployed. The progress in energy efficiency over the past 20 years equated to one-third of global primary energy consumption in 2011.”

The full report, “World Energy Perspective: Energy Efficiency Policies”, can be downloaded on

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