Winner! Best Energy Efficiency Innovation for Chamaeleon III

Released: 15 November, 2016
Winner! Best Energy Efficiency Innovation for Chamaeleon III

The energy efficiency industry came together this week to recognise excellence in performance, leadership and innovation at the National Energy Efficiency Industry Awards, held at Sydney's Australian Technology Park.

enLighten's new Chamaeleon III was among the winners with CEO Steve Cahill accepting the 2016 Energy Efficient Innovation Award.

The energy efficiency innovation category was open to a wide range of products including luminaires, appliances, control systems and energy management software. The entry criteria was that the product should have been substantially developed and designed in Australia and be either at or close to commercialisation, and should have come to market (or with the intention for market entry) between 1 October 2014 and 31 August 2017.

Steve Cahill reflects on the win, which adds to three previous awards for the Chamaeleon III & its predecessor, the Chamaeleon original including the NSW Iluminating Engineers Society 2015 Award of Excellence in Luminaire Design, the Australian Cleantech Open & The NSW Green Globe Innovation Award 2011

"We are gratified that the judging panel has rewarded Australian design innovation that meets a market need for better lighting control and easier emergency light testing".

"As the LED lighting market matures and we see an explosion of lighting products entering the Australian market, often driven by government rebates, awards such as these help our customers to have confidence in choosing our lights and controls."

Chamaeleon III - the key success factors

  • Low maintenance - the smart connect base  allows for a simple removal of the light via keyed lock without needing to disconnect from mains power,making it easier to upgrade when at end of product life. Externally accessible battery drawer for simple battery changevoer in emergency model

    • Unparalleled lighting control for back of house areas - the building manager can simply increase or decrease light output from the one Chamaeleon III light to match the specific needs of the space with the smartphone app.

    • Making emergency light testing easier - The capability of the Chamaeleon III light to operate normally during the test means that occupants do not need to be notified of any disruption to normal activities. The emergency test was also designed so that it automatically occurs on a monthly basis, eliminating the necessity to plan and coordinate a range of stakeholders.

The following video provides an overview of the company and product design features

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