User input feeds design innovation for emergency self test functionality

Released: 05 June, 2015
User input feeds design innovation for emergency self test functionality

In a former role as Regional Director of Engineering for a commercial property management company, Steve Cahill received continual feedback from property and building managers about the time-consuming nature of organising for emergency lighting tests and the cost of repairs and replacing batteries.

For building managers, the logistics and costs around emergency light testing and reporting can be complex. Tenants need to be notified, circuit breakers switched off at a time to minimise disruption, which often brings an after hours contractor price tag. The solution was supposedly a monitored system, however, many of these were found to be not reliable. 

6 years after co-founding LED lighting innovation company, enLighten Australia, Steve’s solution to this burning challenge is the new Chamaeleon III stand alone emergency luminaire. Design features include the capability of the light to operate normally during the test so that occupants do not need to be notified of any disruption to normal activities. The emergency test was also designed so that it automatically occurs on a monthly basis, eliminating the necessity to plan and coordinate a range of stakeholders. 

“Determining the compliance status is simply a matter of walking through the building and taking note of the multicoloured LED indicator which reports the status of the most recent test” noted Steve.

“Our aim was to address the disruption issues and reduce costs for our customers. With timely information, the building manager can better schedule maintenance to suit the schedule of works and avoid having maintenance contractors wait on site during the 90 minute discharge test.”

Other cost savings come from the simple battery replacement. Without the need for the power to be isolated, battery replacement can be carried out by an onsite maintenance contractor, building manager or handyman. Emergency NiMH battery packs are available separately for around $35 from any electrical wholesaler.


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