The Coronavirus and the impact on global supply chains

Released: 20 February, 2020
The Coronavirus and the impact on global supply chains

It is clear that the coronavirus is going to have significant impact on the lighting industry with short supplies and long lead times as many factories have no clear date for returning to work.

enLighten wants to ensure our customers that we are in a fortunate position that were currently have a warehouse that is full of stock. We typically hold large amounts of stock in our Sydney warehouse as well as additional orders to accommodate the normal closing around Chinese New Year.

We have close, long-term relationships with our suppliers and have been in daily contact with them to understand their situation and to monitor their ability to fulfill orders. These strong relationships ensure that we will have priority delivery once the factories fully commence production again and some of our suppliers have already commenced fulfilling our upcoming orders.

It is our expectation that many suppliers will not be fully operational until well into March when staff are allowed to return back to their factories. To ensure your project is delivered in a timely manner, it is important to check on our current product stock levels. Where product needs to be ordered we strongly recommend that orders are placed as early as possible.

We expect that disruption to the lighting industry will continue until after Easter.

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