Tauro Blu LED high /low bay light approved for ESC certificate generation in NSW

Released: 12 June, 2014

After 9 months of documentation submission & communication with the NSW Energy Savings Scheme Regulators, IPART, Enlighten has received word back from Accredited Certificate Provider Ecovantage that is has had the LED high /low bay light range approved for use in commercial lighting upgrade activities.

According to Enlighten Sales Executive David Bird, the news is very welcome as a number of completed installations will now be able to generate Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) to provide a financial rebate.

"Our retrofit project paybacks of under 3 years from the energy and maintenance savings net of rebates are strong. Any extra money is always a bonus!"

"We're fortunate not to be in a position to be reliant on government incentives for lighting upgrade project approvals as we've seen massive fluctuation in ESC values over the past two years from highs of $32 to lows of $7.50 ."

The Commonwealth Clean Technology Investment Program scheme which encompassed a Food & Foundry industry program and committed  $170 million across two rounds of funding was scrapped in 2014 Federal  budget, leaving a number of projects in limbo, particularly solar PV installations.

Enlighten will now seek product accreditation under the Victorian VEET scheme via the Original Equipment Manufacturer application channels.  We'll keep you posted on developments.

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Food manufacturing facility lighting upgrade case study

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