Tauro Blu high bay wins NSW IES commendation award

Released: 14 November, 2012
Tauro Blu high bay wins NSW IES commendation award

Sydney, 19 November, 2012 - enLighten Australia has won a NSW Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Luminaire Design commendation award for its high efficiency Tauro Blu LED high bay & low bay light range.

“To win this luminaire design recognition is welcome acknowledgement that home grown technology and innovation has a place in the Australian lighting market,” said enLighten CEO Steve Cahill.

The IES acknowledgement caps off a successful year for enLighten Australia, which was awarded the national Cleantech Open 2012 award last month for its combined technology, market & business plans. As a result of the win, the company represented Australia in the Cleantech Forum Global Ideas competition held in Silicon Vallley, California, last week, where enLighten was the energy efficiency category winner among competitors from 31 countries.

enLighten's highly anticipated Tauro Blu range of LED high bay and low bay lights is currently undergoing final testing and is due for release in Australia in early 2013.

The Tauro Blu comes in a range of sizes due to its modular design. Each module is a standard size and uses approx 43 watts making it suitable for loading docks, car park entries, distribution & warehousing centres, factory floors and large retail.

“Key innovative Tauro Blu design features include a variety of lens types which tailor the light output to the lighting need, said Mr Whitfield.

“The high quality optics and enlighten designed driver supports a range of optional features including daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing” said Steve Cahill, CEO.

Our approach is to put the intelligence into the light to enable light delivery where and when it is needed.”

The Tauro Blu is delivering up to 70% energy savings compared to traditional 400w HID lighting and still provide light levels that meet or exceed Australian standards. Controlling LED lighting with occupancy management technologies can further increase savings to approx 90%.

Maintenance and product replacement costs are also reduced, given the 40,000+ hour life span and generous integrated heat management.

For areas that are difficult to access or where reliability it critical, lack of flicker and instant re-strike are necessary, the Tauro Blu offers a marked financial improvement on existing technologies.”

“We’ve had a lot of advance interest from commercial car park owners, local government and large retail shopping centre owners and are looking forward to the first shipment arriving” said Steve.

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