St Vincent de Paul Society warehouse lighting upgrade win

Released: 24 February, 2015
Vinnies warehouse entry low bay

The busy western Sydney warehouse & distribution centre receives, unloads and sorts an average of 50-60 tonnes of textiles per week collected from donation bins in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area. A workforce of 25 rotate between unloading & sorting the pallets (open cages) into textiles, electronics and books in the warehouse area. 

The existing warehouse lighting was the traditional 400W mercury vapour lights, which are dome shaped in appearance with 250W high pressure sodium lighting at the warehouse entry.  The lights operated 10 hours per day (Monday to Friday).

Natural daylight was available via the open roller doors at the front and back exits. The lighting levels needed to be of sufficient brightness to run security cameras for the forklift operators.

Lighting upgrade project drivers & solution

Given the sharp increase in electricity prices of over 20% experienced in NSW in the last two years, the St Vincent de Paul Society was keen to explore measures to reduce the site’s energy costs.

enLighten Australia provided a lighting design which supported the specification of its 3 module Cetus 135 watt LED hibay light as a 1 for 1 replacement of the existing 400W mercury vapour lighting and a 2 module 90W Cetus replacement for the 250W high pressure sodium lighting.

The lighting levels of the LED lighting at an 8m hanging height exceeded the AS 1680:2.4 standard requirement of 160 lux maintained illuminance for warehouses.

In both cases a 120 degree lens was selected, which provided a wide distribution of light to eliminate black spots and enhance lighting conditions, improving safety & worker comfort.

Vinnies MV Vinnies Cetus

From left: 400W mercury vapour lighting & 135W Cetus LED high bay lights

Project Results

The installation was completed in October 2014 and the energy savings results were instantaneous. A 69% reduction in energy consumption was achieved for the high bay lighting, representing an annual saving of 54,600 KwH pa based on lighting operation of 50 hours per week. These figures are supported by data logging of the warehouse lighting circuits taken on site pre & post installation.

The data logging results revealed that the former daily spike in electricity consumption caused by the turning on and “striking” of the 400 watt mercury vapour lights was eliminated as a feature of LED lighting is “instant strike”.

Customer feedback

Joseph Fernandapoule, Manager Retail Operations & Distribution for the Sydney Archdiocese reports that the St Vincent de Paul Society was keen to run this project as a test case for wider rollout potential to other Society sites. The feedback from staff has been positive.

“Upgrading to LED lighting has been a good first step into improving the site’s energy efficiency. We will be preparing a report for our Central Council and will be evaluating options for our sorting rooms, which are also fluorescent lit. “reports Joseph.

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