SA Institute among first installations of Chamaeleon III

Released: 14 May, 2015
SA Institute among first installations of Chamaeleon III

SA Pathology housing clinical research facilities, is among the first customers of enLighten's new Chamaeleon III light. 

Adelaide consultants Sustainable Focus advised SA Pathology on lighting upgrade options.

Sustainable Focus Lighting and Energy Consultant,  Matthew Martin, assessed a number of LED technologies for the fire stair and plant room upgrade of existing standard and emergency fluorescent batten technology.

The Chamaeleon III was selected over a LED batten with microwave sensor because of the additional features of self test and the variable setting for the standby light output via dipswitch.

The project offered an attractive payback as there was a 2 for 1 replacement of light fittings in the fire stairs. A second emergency fluorescent batten fitting was installed next to a standard fitting on each landing level. (can you say years / months??)

The project drivers were to reduce energy and maintenance costs and reporting requirements for the SA Health's internal efficiency project.

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