NSW Land and Housing Corporation project learnings

Released: 02 December, 2014

115 social housing LED lighting upgrade project results

Project scope 


8250 Chamaeleon light fittings (75% emergency) installed by enLighten Australia across seven rounds of successful open tender wins from 2011-14.

Key learnings

1) Good tender design is crucial to understand the full project costs & benefits 

Key evaluation criteria - 

  • energy savings, 
  • payback periods, 
  • supply & installation costs, 
  • warranty periods, 
  • ongoing maintenance requirements,
  • ability to replace components
  • replacement costs, 
  • company experience,
  • capacity and personnel

2) LED emergency lights are approximately half the cost of the former vandal proof T8 fluorescent emergency lights to install with a rated life of over 4 times longer (50,000 hrs v 12,000 hrs)

3) The internal motion sensor of the Chamaeleon light within the vandal proof fitting was more robust & offered a technology advantage over other lighting systems with an external motion sensor. In 3 years of installations there have been no reports of vandalism of the Chamaeleon light. 

4) Advantages of using a specialist lighting contractor over a maintenance or electrical contractor include:

  • Experience and ability to implement custom solutions to meet Australian Standards compliance, as most projects involve addition or deletion of lights
  • Can include make good for all surfaces from scope of works
  • Can obtain information for Energy Savings Certificate (ESC) generation documentation requirements - photos, light level measurements, recycling certificates, pre & post lighting plan

5) Motion sensor timings can be suited to the area of use.Common settings for residential properties:

  • Fire stairs - 15 seconds
  • Corridors - 60 seconds
  • Car park - 90 seconds

6) Energy savings results from lighting upgrades ranged from 37% to 61% of TOTAL site energy use.

Source: Presentation by Susanna Savolainen, Manager Environmental Sustainability, NSW Land & Housing Corporation to 4th Local Government & Public Sector Building Maintenance & Management Conference, Sydney Nov 10-11, 2014.

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