New product comparison guides make luminaire selection easier

Released: 22 September, 2016
New product comparison guides make luminaire selection easier

To assist our customers to understand the specific design features, controls options and performance of our growing luminaire range, we have created a series of comparison tables for a range of applications including emergency, indoor & outdoor corridors, factories & warehouses.

How can luminaire comparison tables help me?

The tables provide a simple comparison of the key  performance metrics such as rated power,  lumen output, efficacy, emergency classifications, IP rating, lensing options, as well as maintenance saving features & smart control options.

At enLighten we encourage customers to look beyond the simplistic analysis of efficacy and cost, as the other key quality parameters such as serviceability, LED chip and driver quality play an important part in the luminaire being able to maintain light quality over time (lumen maintenance).

Luminaire serviceability is also another key performance metric that should be front of mind for building owners and managers in product selection.  Maintenance and light replacement costs can contribute significantly to the TCO ( total cost of ownership) over time.

For example in emergency lighting industry practice has traditionally been to replace the whole emergency batten fittings when the light fails the 6 monthly test. It is believed that this is a cheaper alternative than undertaking further investigations that would result in having to isolate the circuit to replace the faulty component, which is typically the battery. This often results in emergency light fittings being replaced every 3 to 4 years.

Choosing an emergency light that has features such as easy removal for repair and upgrade and / or an accessible battery drawer so that battery replacement can be simply undertaken without isolating the mains power. This maintenance saving feature is offered in our Chamaeleon III emergency luminaire.

Luminaire comparison tables on offer

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