New luminaire replacement guide for retrofit quick reference

Released: 30-Nov-2016

Are you looking for a quick reference guide to help understand lumen output & power consumption of our LED luminaire range as a retrofit solution for existing lighting?

Our in-house lighting design team has prepared a summary table which will help end customers as well as lighting wholesalers and electrical contractors offer project lighting solutions to retrofit from the following traditional fluorescent and HID lighting options.

  • T8 & T5 fluorescent battens - standard and emergency
  • HID lighting: metal halide, mercury vapour and high pressure sodium
  • Compact fluorescent & T8/T9 circular fluorescent

enLighten's NSW Sales Executive Roslyn Garcia has been instrumental in the design of the table, which has been designed specifically to list the existing lighting first & followed by enLighten's replacement options.

The easy to use format will save time for the counter staff or the project lighting teams to find replacement options for both emergency and non emergency lighting. When a branch staff member is on the phone or dealing with a queue of customers, trawling through catalogues to read the technical information per light is a less attractive option." comments Roslyn.

"Our aim is to make the wholesaler and contractor's lives easier. We're now looking to offer this table as a counter mat for interested wholesale outlets"

Note that the table is to be used as a guide only. For specific cases where non standard mounting heights, physical obstructions or darker surfaces apply, please contact us for a case specific analysis or to request  a formal lighting design.

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