National Energy Efficiency award win for Charter Hall

Released: 01 December, 2015
National Energy Efficiency award win for Charter Hall

Accepting the award from left: Craig Rodgers -Head of Technical Services, Office, Charter Hall, Michael Bull -Senior FM Victoria, Charter Hall Portfolio, Knight Frank Australia, Trent Lowther -Manager Technical Services, Charter Hall & Sonya Williams - Marketing & Communications Manager, enLighten Australia.

Charter Hall Office Trust has taken out the Leading Energy User award for excellence in energy management at the 2015 National Energy Efficiency Council awards, held in Melbourne on November 17.

The Charter Hall Office Trust currently holds 15 office towers in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth. Of these, 10 properties, representing 225,000 m2 of office space, were put forward in support of the Leading Energy User Award. The dates of construction of these buildings range from 1974 to 2001.

Innovative scope of works

Key business processes in improving the energy efficiency of each property within the Charter Hall Office Trust portfolio included:

* Setting NABERS Energy and Water targets for each property;
* Maintaining current NABERS Energy and Water ratings at every building;
* Commissioning “energy efficiency road maps” which list energy efficiency-related capital upgrades in priority order of return on investment;
* Implementing energy efficiency capital upgrades including new high efficiency chillers, cooling towers, pumps, fans, variable speed drives, boilers and lighting in accordance with the road maps;
* Funding a full time “National Sustainability Leader” within its facilities management contract with Knight Frank;
* Implementing an ongoing building tuning program across the buildings;
* Providing a range of energy metering and monitoring services and on-line tools to assist Knight Frank facility managers in optimising day to day operating energy efficiency;
* Implementing comprehensive monthly reporting of building performance to all key stakeholders.

Bottom line results

The total base building consumption in 2007 was 31.32 GWh, and for 2014, this had reduced to 21.16 GWh.This is a reduction of 32.4%. Base building electricity cost savings as calculated by Charter Hall’s energy efficiency services consultant for these 10 buildings over the period July 2007 to June 2015 are in excess of $7M. This figure is the direct value of energy savings and does not include the value of co-benefits such as tenant satisfaction, which has resulted in a 65% reduction in building service calls 2009-15.

Knight Frank’s Stephen Coman commented on the win.“Having the successful partnership with Charter Hall for over a decade has allowed us to create a unique operating model, which has delivered great results. “

"We're thrilled with the award win and also thank our industry partners Buildings Alive, EP&T Global, and enLighten Australia, who alerted us of the award opportunity as an Energy Efficiency Council member ".  

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