Lighting upgrade rebate win for Victorians

Released: 16 February, 2016
Lighting upgrade rebate win for Victorians

In a win for Victorian businesses, Government departments, Local Councils and strata properties a recent amendment now allows for MORE Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) to be generated from LED lighting upgrade projects.

Both the operating hours, calculation factors and acceptable areas have expanded, making it is easier to claim more rebates for a wider range of projects.

enLighten’s Victorian Business Development Manager welcomes the news. “The changes bring us closer in alignment with the NSW Energy Savings Scheme and will mean greater rebate potential for our customers, which will further help the project payback equation."

"With certificate prices currently trading at around $18-20 for commercial lighting upgrades, the time to act is now”.

Rule ChangeClient Benefits

Increase of Annual Operating Hours from 3,000 hours to:

  • 8,500 hours – emergency lighting.
  • 7,000 hours - undercover car parks, stairwells, corridors & lobbies
  • 4,500 hours – outdoor car parks
  • 5,000 hours – warehouses & factories

Up to 3 times the volume of VEECs created per emergency lighting upgrade project & 1.5 to over double for non emergency lighting.

VEEC creation no longer restricted to building interiors

Councils, shopping centres, stratas & industrial estates can now claim VEECs on outdoor car park lighting upgrades

Increase in abatement factor from 0.963 to 1.095 in recognition of the emissions intensity of Victorian electricity generation.

13% more VEECs calculated per MWh of electricity saved

Worked example

Project Scope: Replace of 2x36W T8 fluorescent battens with Chamaeleon light fittings in undercover car park

What's changed? The table below outlines the new potential volumes

VEEC Certificate VolumesChamaeleon Original
Standard (102-S)
Chamaeleon Original
Emergency (102-E)
Chamaeleon Eco
Chamaeleon III
Standard (Cham-C)


NEW From Jan 1, 2016


Where to start?

For a Victorian lighting upgrade project host to be able to generate VEECs, the light or luminaire must be approved for use by the Scheme Administrator – the Victorian Essential Services Commission (ESC). See the enLighten products approved for VEECs listing or the ESC's lighting upgrade public register.

Next steps

Are you ready to take advantage of this new incentive to reduce your energy & maintenance costs?
Do you need a recalculation of the VEET certificates for an existing project?

To request a revised project quote, book a site audit or lighting upgrade assessment, please contact us via our web enquiry form.

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