Free energy assessments for food & grocery businesses

Released: 14 October, 2014



Considering an LED lighting upgrade? Take advantage of the following offerings. No co-payments required!


Option 1: On Site Energy Assessment

This option is most suitable for businesses who haven’t undergone an energy assessment and are interested in exploring opportunities to reduce energy costs.

The energy assessments will quantify your energy usage and provide you with:

  • Recommendations on improving energy efficiency, including no-cost and low-cost initiatives for immediate energy  and cost savings;
  • Potential energy savings including costs of upgrades, payback periods (for individual recommendations) and total energy savings;
  • Advice on financial pathways such as rebates

Option 2: Technology Assessment

This option is most suitable for businesses who have already identified an energy saving and / or renewable  opportunity and are seeking expert advice on appropriate technology for their site and require assistance in obtaining and analysing supplier quotes.

The Technology Assessment would provide a high-level review of an existing energy assessment report and analyse the feasibility of identified opportunities. In addition, it will provide an independent assessment of quotes received from suppliers for specified projects. A business could select up to three opportunities for feasibility check and receive two to four quotes for projects identified for implementation. The Technology Assessment process could occur via phone and/or email communication without the need for an onsite assessment.

Recent 12 months of energy bills, existing energy efficiency or renewable energy quotes, and previous energy efficiency or renewable assessment reports will be required.

 The AFGC reserves the right to select businesses for the energy assessment program.

Who should apply

  • Food & grocery manufacturers
  • Food & grocery industry supply chain suppliers - cold storage, warehouse & distribution, raw ingredient suppliers
  • Regional & metropolitan based businesses

About empower

The empower program is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Industry as part of the Energy Efficiency Information Grant to help boost business competitiveness by identifying energy and cost savings in their busineses.

The program was launched in early 2014 & was kick started with a national breakfast series and release of the web based tool which has been tailored to the food & grocery sector.

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Take a look at the enLighten LED lighting upgrade case study at a NSW food manufacturer under the resources section.HERE

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