Event report - Strategies in Light Europe & Japan 2012

Released: 06-Dec-2012


enLighten Australia was selected by the Strategies in Light program advisory boards to present at the prestigious international LED lighting conferences in Munich, Germany and Yokohama, Japan in September 2012.

Enlighten presented on Decentralised Intelligence for Lighting as part of the Technology Track session featuring updates in lighting networks and controls. enLighten is the design patent holder for RFOS – the next generation in occupancy management. Radio Frequency Occupancy Sensing (RFOS) incorporates a range of clever technologies to produce lighting systems with their own intelligence.

Key learnings -International LED Lighting market growth

LED lighting has seen three major waves of development since its introduction in the 1960s. The first wave was architectural and specialised lighting, primarily coloured LEDs. We’re well into the second wave now - mainstream commercial, industrial and residential lighting. The third wave “the future of lighting” is intelligent lighting - smart technology in lighting controls. Wireless controls supporting radio frequency sensing is among the leading methodologies pursued.

Re Solid State Lighting (SSL) or LED lighting market size, leading international LED market researcher, Strategies Unlimited, reported actual & predicted growth figures in the various LED lighting market segments. Commercial & Industrial lighting markets are expected to fuel the strongest growth of up to $4bn in the next 3-4 years.


  Source: Strategies Unlimited 2012