Event report: Strategies in Light 2014 25-7 Feb, Santa Clara, US

Released: 01 March, 2014
Event report: Strategies in Light 2014 25-7 Feb, Santa Clara, US

The 3 day conference featured market, technology & luminaire design & manufacturing track streams. Enlighten Australia's Steve Cahill attended the 15th anniversary lighting conference & expo and shares with us his key observations from the conference presentations and discussions with presenters, delegates and exhibitors.

Key learnings

  •  LED luminaire performance measurements are currently centred around lumens/Watt & $/lumen. As customers become more knowledgeable about lighting & its impacts, there will be a move  to more qualitative metrics such as Colour Rendering Index (CRI), colour changing and control;
  • The ability of LED lighting to simulate natural daylight & align with the body's circadian rhythms continues to grow in importance. Research is ongoing re impacts of lighting for  health & productivity improvements in workplace, education & health sectors;
  • Radio frequency (RF) controls are being chosen as the preferred intelligent lighting control technology
  • Outdoor and industrial lighting represent key areas for growth, especially when interfaced with RF controls

Suggested future directions of the lighting industry

  • Lighting will become the backbone of a communication network including transfer of data via Visible Light Communication (VLC)
  • Companies are looking to establish a platform, of which lighting will be a component. It will  be delivered via IT networks -Power over Ethernet (POE) instead of the traditional electricity network;
  • Multiple sensors will be incorporated into light fixtures to both operate the lights and provide occupancy data for use by third parties.
In summary, the lighting industry is undergoing a significant restructure.  In addition to technology evolution, the business models of major lighting companies are being reworked to meet these new opportunities.

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