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Released: 25 November, 2013

Sunday November 24, 2013

Enlighten Australia CEO Steve Cahill discusses the market opportunity for start-up firms fueled by the technology transition in lighting over the past five years.

With the improved performance of LED lighting technology, which enables more instantaneous switching, savvy entrepreneurs have entered the market looking at LED lighting through the prism of energy savings, rather than traditional light supply.

The enlighten business is founded on the retrofitting model,  where changing the lights has become compelling through the energy, maintenance and financial savings offered by its high efficiency LED lighting range. Previously light replacement had only been considered at the point of failure.

Market demand is driven through rising energy prices and an increasing interest in maximising the energy performance of commercial buildings, as measured & reported on through programs such as NABERs and Green Star.

Steve's advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is to understand the financial, emotional and time commitment and to fast track the commercialisation of the original idea, enabling bsusiness expansion through positive cashflow.

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