Energy savings results secure retail rollout by GPT

Released: 23 November, 2013

National real estate investment trust, General Property Trust, has committed to a Chamaeleon LED light rollout across four retail shopping centres in NSW & Victoria for late 2013 & early 2014. Standard and emergency models will be installed in back of house corridors, plant rooms & fire stairs.  

GPT National Sustainability Analyst, Steve Ford, who championed the retail deal, commented that project approval was the result of a detailed business analysis of the energy savings & alignment with the company’s sustainability goals.

The award winning Australian designed & patented Chamaeleon light has previously been installed in fire stair & car park lighting retrofits in GPT’s commercial office properties at 2 Park St, Australia Square & 580 George Sts, Sydney.

The energy savings are delivered via the light’s dual circuit design, which operates on a standby level of light (7.5 watts) when areas are unoccupied, increasing to full light output (30 w) once a presence is detected via an in-built microwave sensor.

According to Enlighten Australia CEO Steve Cahill, the energy savings results of up to 93%, compared with traditional fluorescent lighting, have been the main driver of the company’s strong sales growth. 2013 sales to date represent 24,108 KwH of energy saved per day.