Energy Savers: Mark Maxwell, Electrical Contractor

Released: 02 September, 2015
Energy Savers: Mark Maxwell, Electrical Contractor

Mark Maxwell is the director of Fusion Industries, an electrical contractor business based in Sydney with a strong presence in commercial fitout, maintenance and mechanical controls.

Mark talks to enLighten about the financial and environmental impact of LED lighting on his company.

You have a large maintenance division at Fusion; has new, long-lasting technology such as LED lighting impacted negatively on that?

We have experienced a slight decline in our maintenance division, but we are seeing so many new and exciting opportunities in rolling out the very latest technology to new and existing clients. We don’t fear the new technology; we’ve embraced it.

How would you describe Fusion Industries' involvement with LED lighting?

I’ve always been passionate about environmentally responsible practices and power optimisation within the electrical industry, so being at the forefront of energy efficient technologies is a natural fit for Fusion. Plus, our customers are all striving to maintain or reduce energy costs, so it’s a win-win.

What do you say to those people who still aren’t convinced by LED lighting?

It’s definitely come of age in the past few years, with major manufacturers now producing mature and reliable products. Prior to that, we were very cautious about recommending LED lighting due to concerns about reliability, colour, and sufficient light output.

Has anything else helped turn the tide towards LED lighting?

Proactive property owners like Stockland, Cromwell and DJ Wear are highly aware that high NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) attract quality tenants and improve their public image, so they are now including energy efficiency programs in their budgets. LED lighting plays a big role in achieving both financial and green goals, so companies like us are more than happy to get involved in new and existing projects.

How easy is it to get switched on to LED?

Simple, if you let us help with the process. Fusion can assess, design, install and monitor energy efficient lighting and any other equipment necessary for a project. Most people are amazed to find that savings of up to 80% are possible in certain areas of an installation.

Is there anything else to consider when it comes to new lighting?

It’s one thing to install good quality, cost-effective lighting, but make sure you take it one step further and back it up with smart controls. How many times do you drive over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to see the city lit up like a Christmas tree? Whole floors of empty office space bathed in light because someone forgot to turn the lights off. Thankfully, that’s all changing with controls and sensors that only provide light when it’s needed, so tenants are enjoying big savings there too.

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