Energy Savers - Mano Jelamudi, IT/Building Projects Manager

Released: 07-Dec-2015

Mano Jelamudi joined the Sydney Masonic Conference & Function Centre team at 66 Goulburn St Sydney in 2013 to oversee a comprehensive data, BMS optimisation, HVAC upgrade & front and back of house LED lighting upgrade of the busy conference venue and undercover carpark in Sydney’s CBD. The Centre is 5000m2 and covers 16 function rooms across 8 levels. The energy efficiency project was recognised by the Sydney City Region of the NSW Business Chamber in a Sustainability Award win in September 2015 and a NSW State Finalist nomination.

What have been the results of the recent energy efficient lighting upgrade?

The lighting energy savings have averaged 79%. Scope included LED downlight retrofit of halogen downlights and LED strip lighting replacement of fluorescent lighting in function rooms, hallways and corridors and car park & back of house fluorescent tube lighting upgrade with the Chamaeleon emergency & standard light.

The power factor improvements of the energy efficiency projects have led to a significantly reduced KvA demand from 1.3MW to 600-800kW, resulting in a reduced charge from the electricity network provider.

The project results and the rebate received by the NSW Government via the energy savings certificates have encouraged the Masonic Centre to further progress with energy efficiency upgrades across its wider property portfolio. I’ve also received a promotion and now manage upgrade opportunities across 38 sites within NSW.

How do you keep up to date with products & services?

The Function Centre has been a member of the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage’s Energy Saver program, which is a business partnership with subsidised audits & project management tools. We just celebrated 10 years in the program at a breakfast & conference in Sydney earlier this week.

Through this program we have participated in regular events and hosted many site visits for OEH training conducted at the centre, as we are happy to be a sounding board and share our learnings with other large energy users.

I keep in close contact with lighting & product suppliers.Now that I know what I want for commercial LED downlights it makes the decisions easier.

What is next for you?

The Masonic Centre is looking at taking a more active facilities management role for the properties that it owns that is currently being managed by 3rd parties. We have seen the opportunity to better co-ordinate energy, water & waste savings initiatives across sites to have shared accounts and streamlined management.

What advice would you give to other energy consumers when approaching an energy efficiency retrofit?

Measure, measure, measure!! To gain a solid understanding of your existing consumption, you can’t go past an energy audit as a first step. Our first level 2 energy audit report in 2010 revealed $190,000 worth of energy savings. We have completed 14 of the 15 measures suggested. Any actions taken will be able to be compared against the audit baseline & will help understand the results and calculate savings and project financial returns. Government programs are offering financial assistance in most states to co-fund activities.

What are you excited about when it comes to new lighting?

The lower maintenance costs, lighting quality and ability to control and direction the light output. We are a fan of the gimble fittings for downlights, which allow us great flexibility with being able to light walls, entrances, lobbies. We also differ the light colour according to area – ie a cooler white for the office tower ground floor lobby & a warmer white for the function centre corridors.

The ability to change the battery for the Chamaeleon emergency lights in the car park and fire stairs without having to isolate the power or call an electrician, is a great saving for us.

For further information on the results achieved – see Car Park Lighting Upgrade Case Study or download the Sydney Masonic Centre Function Centre's Sustainability Policy.

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