Chamaeleon LED light installation: your questions answered

Released: 02-Feb-2014

With national installations across commercial property, government, high rise residential strata, university, clubs & hotel sectors, Enlighten Australia is continually fine-tuning the Chamaeleon light's installation guide, following feedback from electrical contractors & end users.

In the updated installation instructions for the Chamaeleon LED light, new added features include how to check emergency versions in emergency mode without disconnecting or switching off mains supply. The guide also outlines the standard microwave sensor settings & how to adjust the timer or reach settings to best suit the area . 

The unique design feature of the award winning energy saving light is the Smart Connect Base, which is fixed to the ceiling or the wall. The wiring supplied with the smart connect base is connected to the terminal strip (see photo). Once the hinges have been engaged, then the electrical connector terminal pins should align (see centre photo). Apply gentle upward pressure while pressing the barrel lock mechanism to engage. (see photo right)

Once installed, the Chamaeleon light can be easily detached from the Smart Connect Base without disconnecting the power, making it easy for maintenance or light replacement.


From left: Smart Connect Base, Fixing the light to base, fully installed

Download installation instructions here (PDF 1.4MB file)

For further information, see ChamaeleonTrouble Shooting & Maintenance doc or  Chamaeleon FAQs web page