Chamaeleon III emergency battery self test functionality

Released: 25-Feb-2016

To assist with understanding the LED indicator options for the automatic self test of the Chamaeleon III, we have outlined the options for both the original commissioning test and the subsequent monthly 90 minute emergency battery discharge tests.

Battery self–test function

Charge indicator LED

The Chamaeleon III emergency light is programmed to automatically conduct a monthly 90 minute discharge test. The test does not disrupt the light’s normal operation. The monthly discharge test result is visible via a single multi colour LED indicator, located under the diffuser.

To connect the NiMH battery pack, open the battery drawer and plug the red in-line connector and the battery pack fuse.

One off commissioning of emergency light

A single 120 minute emergency light commissioning test will be automatically conducted post installation after the battery has charged for 24 hours.

On light start-up the indicator light is light blue and then, after 60 seconds, the indicator colour will change to either red or green to show the condition of the battery. The LED indicator will display as solid red during the initial battery charging 24 hr period, before changing to solid green to indicate that the battery is fully charged and ready for the automatic commissioning test.

The commissioning test result options will be the same as for the monthly 90 minute discharge test (see table above).

battery commissioning indicator

Monthly self test results & indicators

Self Test indicator table

*Following a successful discharge test, the blue flashing light indicator will be mixed with a solid green or red light to show battery charge status (red – charging, green –charged).