Chamaeleon gains VEET approval

Released: 01-May-2013

2 May, 2013

Chamaeleon approved for use in VEET commercial lighting upgrades

We are pleased to announce that enLighten's Chamaeleon multi-function LED light for fire stairs, car parks & back of house long lit areas, has been approved for use in commercial lighting upgrades (section 34) under the Victorian Government's Energy Saver Incentive scheme. 

"This is great news for our Victorian customers and supporting electrical contractors, wholesalers and energy service companies, as it further improves the financial payback of chamaeleon retrofit projects to the 1-3 year range" said Stephen Cahill, enLighten's General Manager.

In contrast with the NSW scheme,  under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme (VEET), the Chamaeleon can be registered by the OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer.

A number of models within the Chamaeleon light range has now been added to the approved products register for Section 34 - commercial lighting upgrades. The client appointed Accredited Person (AP) will then be able to work with building managers to generate tradeable Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) from the lighting upgrade and deliver a financial rebate upon sale of the VEECs at the market price.

Whilst the VEET Scheme product approval is good news, there is still further work to be done in the scheme's enabling legislation to have the maximum operating hours increased from the current cap of 3,000 hours per year to the full 8,736 hours, as is the case under the NSW Scheme.

"The current extended operating hours cap inhibits the full energy savings delivered by the Chamaeleon LED light to be translated into VEEC certificate creation" said Steve.

"The Chamaeleon light operates 24 hours/day and at an average energy consumption of 8 watts in standby mode and 30watts in occupancy mode, the savings achieved when upgrading from twin 36watt fluorescent tube & ballast are significant." said Steve.

"As a result, projects will comparatively generate a larger volume of certificates in NSW than in Victoria"

To address this issue, enLighten has delivered a submission to the VEET Regulation authors at the Victorian Department of Primary Industries & will contribute to any future public consultation. 

Victorian Customer fact sheet

We have prepared a Chamaeleon customer fact sheet for the Victorian scheme which outlines which property classes are eligible, current Chamaeleon models approved, rule of thumb guide for estimating VEEC generation and the process for claiming VEECs. This guide will feature in the guides & brochures Downloads menu on the Chamaeleon web page.

For further information, contact our Victorian Sales Representative Robert Filipovic  Ph 0404 245 663