7 key high bay lighting upgrade considerations

Released: 05 August, 2013
7 key high bay lighting upgrade considerations

8 August, 2013 Newcastle

Jamie Shanahan, NSW Business Development Manager at Rexel Energy Solutions, presented at a clean technology forum for manufacturers on the opportunities for energy efficient retrofits of high & low bay lighting, showcasing a range industry case studies, including an Enlighten 135 w (3 module) Cetus LED high bay light retrofit of 400 w metal halide high bay lighting.

Enlighten's  Cetus high & low bay light range, released in May 2013, has been was awarded a luminaire design high commendation from the NSW Illuminating Engineers Society,in recognition of its innovative modular design and integrated optics, which allow for a greater flexibility in the delivery of light, along with energy savings of up to 70% compared to 400w high bay lighting.

Key lighting upgrade considerations covered:

Incentives / Rebates

Investigate all available rebates such as Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs), AusIndustry CTIP

Lighting Running CostsUnderstanding of existing lighting load and on-going maintenance costs
TechnologyInvestigate advantages and disadvantages of all energy efficient technologies on the market
Light OutputEnsure new solution provides adequate light output for specific tasks
QualityEnsure reputable supplier and product is selected with warranty support
ImplementationConsider logistics of shut downs and downtime on production during installation of lights
 Rental / FinanceInvestigate possibility of renting/financing of new lights and cash positive situations. OPEX instead of CAPEX

As part of the Australian Innovation Festival 2013 Hunter Series, the Clean Technology Industry Capability Teams program co-hosted a showcase on solutions for regional manufacturing with the support of AMTIL (Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited) on Tues Aug 6 at the Newcastle Crowne Plaza hotel.

The presentation attracted over 50 local manufacturers & technology innovation supporters in the Hunter region.Guest speaker, Dr Eileen Doyle, Chair of the Hunter Founders Forum & Board Member of CSIRO and the GPT Property Group, outlined the opportunities for regional innovators & local success stories. {module_photogallery,29120,3,,3,180,120}

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