Lake - Earth Series
Low glare commercial LED downlight

The Lake commercial downlight range offers a high performance lighting solution, delivering up to 66% energy savings as a twin compact fluorescent (CFL) or metal halide light replacement.

Part of enLighten’s Earth Series of downlights, the Lake range comprises of 3 models - a 12W 6 inch, 22W 8 inch & 32W 8 inch downlight. Suitable for 150-165mm & 195-215mm cut-outs.


Retail, Commercial Office, Education, Hotel & Health Sectors

Installation areas include Foyers, Lobbies, Corridors and Toilets

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  • Wide 100° beam angle creates a uniform lighting effect
  • High colour rendering with CRI of over 80
  • Up to 112 lumens per watt luminaire efficacy
  • Generous heat sink to optimise LED performance
  • Suitable for 150-165mm & 195-215mm cut-outs


  • All models IPART approved for use to generate ESC certificates in NSW
  • High performance supported by generous 5 year warranty
  • Project payback of 1-3 years for lighting retrofit
  • Power factor improvement when replacing CFL lighting
  • Over 50,000 hours operating life @ L70
  • Generous ambient operating temperature range of -20°C to +40° C
  • Wide range of light colour (CCT) options – 4000K standard with 3000K, & 5000K options available

Fact Sheets

Corridor luminaire range comparison Corridor luminaire range comparison (253 KB)

Lake LED Downlight datasheet Lake LED Downlight datasheet (157 KB)

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